Category : * EDITION OMEGA POINT , Obscure Tape Music of Japan(日本の電子音楽-その2)

track 1:佐藤聰明「エコーズ」(1981年作曲)30'27" (sound file)
track 2:佐藤聰明「エメラルド・タブレット」(1978年作曲)26'54" (sound file)


「エコーズ」は1981年5月20日から29日の10日間にわたって催された、栃木県川治温泉観光協会主催による「霧と音と光のフェスティバル」のために作曲しました。会場は川治温泉郷の幅50m、長さ200m、面積7000屬涼房川渓谷で、谷川を囲む小高い丘に8本の大型スピーカーが配置されて、8チャンネル・テープによって再生されました。各スピーカを連結するケーブルは全長1キロ以上に及び、谷底から立ち昇り拡散する濃密な人口霧と、霧の中から照射され山肌を縫うレーザー光線、そして超低音と大音量によって再生されるテープ音楽は峡谷に木霊し響きあい、まさに観客は包み込まれるように見えました。「エコーズ」は「エメラルド・タブレット」で用いた3種類の金属打楽器による素材音と、私自身の声によって創られています。- 佐藤聰明

Edition OMEGA POINT Archive Series OPA-018

track 1: Somei Satoh "Emerald Tablet" (1978) 26'54"
track 2: Somei Satoh "Echoes" (1981) 30'27"

"Emerald Tablet" was recorded at the NHK electronic-music studio in 1978. It is made up of only the sonic ingredients of a tubular bell, cymbals, and “Kin,” a largish-sized bell used for Buddhist memorial services in Japan. The attack of the sound of each instrument was eliminated, and the work was taped through repeated overdubbing. This produced a variety of beautiful harmonics that otherwise could not be produced from a single instrument’s sound, and the interference of harmonics created beats, generating a fantastical melody in the high tone range. Harmonics are one of the most mystic phenomena in the world. The wonder of harmonics led me to produce Emerald Tablet.

"Echoes" was composed for the "Mist, Sound, and Light Festival", a 10-day event organized by the hot spring tourist association of Kawaji, Tochigi Prefecture, that was held on May 20-29, 1981. The venue was located at the Kawaji hot spring’s Ojika river valley, which was 50 meters wide and 200 meters long with an area of 7,000 square meters. Eight large loudspeakers were set up on hills surrounding the stream, with music played through an octuple channel-tape system. The combined length of cables connected with the loudspeakers exceeded one kilometers.
The audience was amidst dense artificial mists spreading upward from the bottom of the valley, laser light beams projected on the hill surface, and tape music that played in extremely low tone at full blast, echoing in the valley. "Echoes" consists of the sonic ingredients of the three types of percussion instruments used in "Emerald Tablet" as well as my own voice. - Somei Satoh
(English translation: Toshiyuki Kawata)

profile of artists
Somei Satoh
Born in Sendai, 1947, composer. He began teaching himself western music and exploring experimental music at the age of eighteen. Since the late 1960s, he has presented several multimedia works. He subsequently spent a year in New York with an invitation from the Asian Cultural Council. Satoh’s works have been widely performed in USA, European countries and many countries in the Pacific basin. His other electronic works are "Mandara", "Mantra" and "Tantra".

Sumihisa Arima (Mastering)
Born in 1965. He acts on sound expression using electronics and computer beyond artistic genre. He has participated in many contemporary music festivals as soloist and member of ensemble of domestic and overseas - especially as sound engineer. He curated sound direction of 'Tokyo Summer festival 2009 - Electronic Music in Japan "Works of Somei Satoh" He received the 63rd new face award of 'Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts' in 2013.

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型番 Edition OMEGA POINT Archive Series OPA-018
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