Great White Light "s/t" LP

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大西清自、カワスミカズオ、塩谷光吉、浜田剛爾からなるGreat White Lightが、1971年に東京・渋谷の岸記念体育会館でパフォーマンスを上演した。本作は10年後に大西清自のアート作品のカタログに付属されたその録音のLPを復刻したもの。数台の送風機の轟音が鳴り響く中、浜田剛爾がアジテーションのように叫ぶ、驚異の爆音ノイズ作品!日本美術サウンドアーカイヴ主宰の金子智太郎による、オリジナルのカタログでは述べられていなかった、このパフォーマンスについての詳細な解説が重要。そしてそのブックレットをジャケット本体に貼り付けた特殊なデザイン。限定300。

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Great White Light "s/t" LP
OMEGA POINT/Japanese Art Sound Archive OPS-001

Great White Light organized by Seiji Onishi, Kazuo Kawasumi, Mitsuyoshi Shioya, Goji Hamada performed at the Kishi Memorial Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, on February 13, 1971•2. Ten years after the performance, Onishi released a recording of it in LP format as an appendix to his collection “The Works of Seiji Onishi 1966 → 1981”, hereinafter referred to as “Works”). Given that “Works” was published in a small edition, and Onishi moved to Belgium soon after, it was difficult to get our hands around this documentation of the use of sound in the Japanese art of the 1970s. A reissue of this recording is Japanese Art Sound Archive’s 1st LP release.

Great White Light was full of noises created by the wind from the air blowers hitting the microphones. The artists stood in the center of the venue surrounded by the devices: six loudspeakers and air blowers, all facing outward, with a fixed microphone in front of the air outlet of each blower•3. Seats for the audience surrounded the circle, and a beam projector was set next to the wall. During the performance, Onishi operated the transformers of the blowers, and Shioya the lighting. Hamada performed his “action voice” with four microphones•4. In addition to this setup, Taj Mahal Travellers joined as a guest performer. Initially, they had planned to perform only with the blowers and voice, but just before the concert, they got suddenly overtaken by pre-performance anxiety and decided to invite the guests.

型番 OMEGA POINT/Japanese Art Sound Archive OPS-001





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