Toshi Ichiyanagi (一柳慧) 「色即是空空即是色」 CD

Category : * EDITION OMEGA POINT , Obscure Tape Music of Japan(日本の電子音楽-その2)

track 1: 一柳慧「色即是空空即是色」(1964年作曲)33'13" (sound file)
track 2: 一柳慧「エクステンデッド・ヴォイセス」(テープパート・ステレオ版・1967年作曲)11'06" (sound file)

《エクステンデッド・ヴォイセス》は声を伴った作品を集めた米ColumbiaのLP "Extended Voices" で聴くことができる。OMEGA POINTで2014年に、モノラルのテープパートにバリトンの松平敬によるヴォイスをミックスした新バージョンをリリースしたが、その後ステレオ版が発見されたため、今回は声を伴わないテープ作品として加えることにした。これは独立した電子音楽としても完成されたものといえる。(音源提供:Gregor Meyer)

Toshi Ichiyanagi Shikisokuzekuu-Kuusokuzeshiki CD
Edition OMEGA POINT Archive Series OPA-020

track 1: Toshi Ichiyanagi Shikisokuzekuu-Kuusokuzeshiki (1964) 33'13"
track 2: Toshi Ichiyanagi Extended Voices (tape part, stereo version - 1967) 11'06"

The details of Shikisokuzekuu-Kuusokuzeshiki are unknown except it was created at the NHK electronic music studio. According to Ichiyanagi, there are various discussions for the title, but it seemed to be eventually broadcasted on the radio with the title Kuu after a producer desired and decided to name it. At this time, the original title was used as following the initial intention of Ichiyanagi. In addition, short experimental film Shikisokuzekuu (1974) produced by a filmmaker Toshio Matsumoto where Ichiyanagi was also in charge of tape music was a different work so it does not have any relation with this music work.
note: Shikisokuzekuu-Kuusokuzeshiki means 'Form is exactly emptiness. Emptiness is exactly form.'.

Extended Voices can be enjoyed by listening to the Columbia LP album 'Extended Voices' with the collection of voices from the music works. A new version with mixing voices of baritone of Takashi Matsudaira to a monaural tape part was released by OMEGA POINT in 2014, but since the stereo version was found later, it was added as a tape work without voice this time. It can be said that this is a completed work as an independent electronic music. (Provider of the tape recording: Gregor Meyer.)
[Translated by Toshiyuki Kawata]

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型番 Edition OMEGA POINT Archive Series OPA-020





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